Institutions Offering TMS

TMS is being used world-wide in the treatment of depression and other disorders. Below are just some of the universities and institutions utilizing transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Harvard University Center for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
Yale University: New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
Duke University
John's Hopkins
Mayo Clinic UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program
Cambridge University (U.K.)
Oxford University (U.K.)
University of Sao Paolo, Brazil
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Tokyo Medical University
Stanford University School of Medicine
George Washington University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Southern California
UC Davis
UC Berkley
Purdue University
Princeton University, TMS Institute
New York University
Tulane University
Baylor College of Medicine
Auburn University
University of Illinois at Chicago
Rush University Medical Center
University of Tennessee
University of North Carolina
University of Maryland
Ohio State Univeristy
University of London (U.K.)
Bar Llan University, Israel
Weizman Institute, Israel
Brunel University in London
University of Sheffield, England

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